A statue of the lion-headed goddess Sakhmet  Karnak temple precinct of Amun 

Upper part of a statue of King Thutmose III  18th dynasty  1504 to 1452 B.C.

Pendant on chain
Gold with glass inlays
Egyptian, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21–24, 1070–712 B.C.

Statue of Sekhmet  Temple of Mut  Luxor  Egypt  Unknown photographer

View the Temple of Isis at Philae #Aswan Artist :Carl WernerYear : 1865

J. Pascal SeĢbah (1823–1886) photographer  
Colonnade of Birth House of Hathor-Isis  

Still off the grid exploring the music of nature.This is day two hundred and twenty-four.

Mastaba Tomb of Perneb
5th Dynasty, 2381-2323 BCE
Since the 1st Dysnaty of Egypt, Mastabas had been the formalized place of burial for Egyptian royalty. The style varied little, adding more rooms towards the 5th and 6th Dynsaties but otherwise staying very similar. These fore-runners to the Pyramids served as temples for the dead and houses for the afterlife. This mastaba is located within Gallery 100 of the Metropolitan Museum of Art [x] but originally was located in Saqqara, near Mephis Egypt thet traditional graveyard of many Old Kingdom Rulers.